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The most authentic faces, pictures and stories of Friuli Venezia Giulia.

The most authentic faces, pictures and stories of Friuli Venezia Giulia. The many different experiences are what make a visit to our region really special. Experiences of places, perfumes, surprises and flavours, which we tell you about from an incomparable point of view: that of the people who have always loved Friuli Venezia Giulia. It doesn't matter if the writer now lives on the other side of the planet or still wakes up every morning in the village of their birth; they both feel the urge to talk about this unique region, and that's what makes the difference.

Our ambassadors

People who know all about the sea, the mountains, the culture and each and every wonderful aspect of our region.
Aitor Trabado

I have a passion for Italian wine and the wines of Friuli-Venezia Giulia. I want to share it with you.

Alessandro Secondin

Born in the early seventies, I like travel and photography. I love to see the different places I visit with fresh eyes every time.

Alessia Morello

A Friulian born in 1985, a lover of mountains and walking, I also love sailing and overseas journeys.

Alessio De Nardi

Man, photographer, walker-adventurer, lover of unexpected events.

Alice Sannia

Sardinian roots, Friulian heart. I love the sea, Trieste and tiramisù. I am a tour guide and deal with marketing and public relations.

Andrea Dell Oste

I am a dynamic engineer and a motorcyclist. I love sport, mountains and dogs.

Andrea Ferletic

I love walking... especially on old battlefields, to capture their essence

Andrea Goat

I love running, adventures, nature, mountains, being in the open-air and going around on my mountain-bike.

Andrea Maroè

I love trees. I look for them, climb them, study them, care for them. I like to talk about my Friuli from the top of its oldest inhabitants or from the interior of its lonely woods.

Andrea Tomasella

Blogger, aspiring journalist and versatile creative: in my spare time I walk in the mountains and do sport.

Angela Biancat

Web, social media and mobile photography are the ingredients of my days.

Anna De Marco

I am curious by nature and always ready to try out new experiences, I am passionate about theatre and musicals above all.

Anna Maria Ometto

Sommelier, food and wine expert. Representative and president of professional associations.

Anna Scrigni

Blogger, mum, urban explorer: I enjoy exploring new places, taking photos and revealing the secrets of the towns I go to.

Anna Turchet

Trained as an art historian, I always look for beauty everywhere: to convey it, share it and live it with others.

Antonio Panciera

Through the signs left by light I describe my territory with ever new curiosity.

Barbara Milani

Passionate about travel, from the farthest destination to trips just around the corner, I enjoy life together with my family.

Carolina Venturini

I began as a blogger, grew up to become an editor then evolved into a digital communication consultant.

Chiara Marchi

I’m 38, married, mum to my 9-year-old boy and I live in Trieste.

Cristian Nobile

I’m a social media manager, I mainly deal with preparing communication strategies to use on the leading social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Cristiana Rumiz

My passions: tourism, dogs and foreign languages. I mix and mingle them to create new projects

Cristina Pesamosca

A Carnic mountain dweller who loves the sea and anything to do with creativity and manual skills.

Daisy Angeli

Twenty-five years old, a dreamy and cheerful traveller. Happy, determined and always late with the world! I believe in the positive charge of the sun, odd numbers, and the colour green.

Daniela Di Ronco

A Carnic sbilfa, I love exploring the woods and mountains! A mother with a messy kitchen and the continuous coming-and- going of a B&B home, Carnia greeter, natural mandala and a ‘bon tai’!

Daniela Radovan

I was born in Trieste and went to art school there. I moved to Friuli in 2004.

David Cappellari

I live in Forni di Sopra, among the Dolomites of Friuli. I love photography and all mountain sports.

Debora Scapolan

I’m an environmental doctor. In order to talk about my experiences I united my love of travel with my passion for video making and photography.

Elena Roppa

Proudly Friulian food and wine marketing consultant and blogger, I’m the person to ask for tips on restaurants, food and wines!

Eleonora Pasut

Engineer during the week and amateur photographer in my free time. The striving for the right shot leads me to discover the territory in all its facets.

Eleonora Spessotto

Expert in communication. I write for love. I enjoy travelling. Shy, funny, creative. Naturally curious.

Elisa Pascoletti

My heart is in Friuli. I am a mother, a psychologist by profession and a lover of photography. An untiring observer, I am passionate about reading.

Emiliano Cantagallo

Over 25,000 km a year in the Alps of Friuli, more than 350,000 m elevation gain and an average of 16 Zoncolan climbs per season.

Enrico Seregni

I live in Trieste by choice: because one does not fall in love just with people, but also with places.

Erika Del Gallo

Travel agent and consultant for work, social media lover and blogger by passion. Mother of three, a traveller by nature.

Esmeralda Perosa

I enjoy visiting cities, I adore all that is vintage and English-style gardens. I photograph landscapes and events, and I love video editing.

Etelca Ridolfo

I’m a graphic designer by profession, a cultural worker because I love my local area, and a gastronaut for pleasure.

Fabiana Lovato

An aficionado of aviation, railways and photography.

Fabio Durì

A restless soul always seeking new paths, new peaks, new routes.

Francesca Casali

I am a journalist, owner of a PR agency and working mother.

Gabriele Zilli

I adore travelling, learning about and experiencing the things each place has to offer and I always try to absorb the different cultures of the place I visit.

Giada Rochetto

I’m Giada Rochetto, known as Jedy. I’m from the beautiful lower-Friuli area.

Gianni Pistrini

My job is to drink coffee… from morn till night!

Giulia Muscio

Born in the wrong era, I love discussing the world as seen through my eyes. I am restless and a true wanderer, I set off whenever I can

Giulia Trevisan

Born in 1990, I am a historian of contemporary art and more. I travel, I write, I take photographs and describe the world I live in. In my own way.

Giuliano Piccoli

A long-time fan of cycling and skiing, I found my natural environment in the mountains of Friuli.

Irene Donatoni

With strong ties to my family’s multi-ethnicity, I graduated in cultural history and anthropology, with a focus on Mitteleuropa.

Irene Pettarini

Wedding planner by profession, travel blogger by passion.

Irina Ranalli

Curious, sunny, hyperactive. I live to discover new places and never say no to a good wine.

Kevin Feragotto

I’m 22, from Artegna. I’m a graduate in animal production. Gourmand and future sommelier.

Lara Bertoia

I am an untiring voyager, inveterate reader and keen walker.

Larisa Carniel

I love sharing information about my region and suggesting made-to-measure routes for tourists.

Laura Basiacco

. I love cycling, travelling, discovering unusual and curious places, swimming in the Adriatic, seeing rock concerts and eating palacinke!

Laura Fagioli

A biologist, science teacher and nature guide, I live a little at Campoformido and a little at Forni di Sopra, and I love nature and animals.

Lisa Zamparo

At the weekend, I like to be a tourist in my region, and describe my trips on Instagram with pictures.

Lorenzo Acquaviva

It was my mother’s fault: she often took me to see films when I was a boy and that’s why I became an actor, even though I was shy and got very embarrassed in school plays.

Luca Mattioli

A father with a passion for photography and video-making, I enjoy spending time in the outdoors with friends and organising events.

Lucia Braida

Caver, a fan of flying (especially aerobatics), the sea, nature, food and wine, photography, music, reading.

Manuela D'Andrea

A native of Friuli, born in Cividale, passionate about food, wine and soccer.

Marco Dijust

Backpack, mountain bike, kayak, any way of being out in the open air is fine!

Marco Treu

Freelance journalist, event producer and organiser, I enjoy problem-solving and basketball.

Marialuisa Antonini

I am a girl who is curious and wants to try out all the experiences and adventures that can be lived in our region.

Martina Boaro

A native of Friuli with lots of interests, including the arts, photography and fine wine.

Martina Trombetta

Born in 1988, I live in Trieste and I have a degree in public, corporate and marketing communication. My interests are photography, the arts, films and the theatre.

Michele Castro

I’m 40 and I enjoy walking, mountain-biking, history, the arts and food. My hobby? Exploring and sharing the FVG region with you!

Micol Brusaferro

A professional journalist, I work in communications and write ironic books on some peculiarities of Trieste. A traveller for work, a globetrotter by passion.

Omar Gubeila

I’ve been a rock climber and mountain climber for over 20 years and I spend time in my local mountains in all seasons.

Paola Cedolini

I am twenty-nine years old and daily work with a mixture of languages in a translation agency, but at the end of the day I like to go back to where the sounds and scents are those of Home. And I want to tell you about them!

Paolo Pellarini

A graduate in natural science, I am a nature guide and professional mountain-bike instructor.

Patrizia Causero

An untiring traveller with a passion for photography, and the mother of two curious children.

Pierino Picco

I love the animals and nature in my region and I’m currently focused on my latest, great passion: donkey trekking and pet therapy.

Raffaello Cargnelutti

I have many passions: photography, cooking... but the greatest is fly fishing, which for me represents a lifestyle. My motto is: fish forever, work whenever!

Riccardo Pittia

Born under the sign of Scorpio in Udine, I like exploring new parts, even of the place where I’ve lived for the past 50 years.

Roberto De Lucca

I am an instructor and cycle tour guide for the Federazione Ciclistica Italiana (Italian Cycling Federation).

Romedio Frittitta

I like to try out every sort of activity, following the seasonal nature of the elements to enjoy every experience 100 percent.

Rosa Prisciandaro

Sommelier, amateur cook, curious, tireless traveller, lover of nature.

Sabrina Pellizon

I began my experience in the inbound tourism world as a tour leader and gradually became a regional nature/environmental tour guide.

Sara Baroselli

I divide my time between a job in a hospital ward and that as a mother of 3 children. In my free time, with my family, I like to discover the beauties of the region in which I live.

Sara De Colle

I’m a natural “torzeona”, a wanderer who loves to travel and see the world, but as far as I’m concerned there’s no place like my home region, Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Sara Forniz

I am a traveller and lover of nature. I write through passion and as a freelance. Music and art are my main interests.

Sergio Cuffolo

I was born and raised in Attimis. People who know me say I’m “engaging” because of the energy I convey when speaking about the things that I experience in my everyday life and fire my enthusiasm.

Simone Del Negro

I’m 24, I’m very interested in local history and I collect Great War artefacts.

Solange Da Ros

Discovering new destinations and hidden corners. Culture, food, wine and unusual itineraries!

Stefano Tomada

Travel reporter constantly looking for places to explore and new stories to tell.

Tanja Coretti

I never fail to be astonished at how much beauty surrounds us. I never tire of discovering new hidden details, even in my own town of Trieste, in which I have lived since I was born.

Tatiana Dereani

Innovator of traditions, 1st-level master’s in the promotion of the cultural and environmental heritage for tourism.

Tiziana Fiorentino

I'm passionate about everything, but I will focus on my Top Passions that are Food, sport and slow tours.

Veronica Gerussi

I’m Veronica and I’m a mum in a hurry.

Vincent Clarke

I hope to be able to express my emotions through the videos that I will make and convey to you how beautiful our territory is and how much it has to offer.

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