The enchanting waters of the Gorgazzo spring

Polcenigo is a delightful village located in the foothills north of Pordenone and is included in the list of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

In addition to the many attractions in the village (fine houses, churches,  a convent, a castle, mills), Polcenigo is famous because its territory includes other places of interest that deserve a visit. Palù di Livenza for example, listed in 2011 by UNESCO as a world heritage site; this is a prehistoric pile-dwelling site of great importance. Then there are the rural park of San Floriano and, finally, the source of the Gorgazzo torrent. Today I shall talk to you about the latter.

Leaving the car in the large car park located at the entrance of Gorgazzo (a village located one kilometre from Polcenigo), we walk along the main street of the village. At the point where we come to the chapel dedicated to the Virgin Mary, we find the start of the path that in just a few minutes’ walk along the stream leads to the source of the Gorgazzo. Once you have arrived at your destination, I advise you to isolate yourself from the surroundings and concentrate on the splendid shades of water: your eyes will lose themselves in the emerald and turquoise reflections that contrast with the rocks and the surrounding vegetation.

The waters of the spring have always attracted the attention of people and have been scoured by numerous divers. But nobody has managed to explore them completely: a record depth was reached by Luigi Casati in 2008 who arrived at no less than -212 metres.

I suggest you end your experience in one of the many restaurants in the area, which offer home cooking and traditional local dishes, such as freshwater fish and game.

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