A summer day in the caves of Pradis

A summer’s day in the city… it’s hot. What to do?

Head out of town on an outing, looking for somewhere cooler. Perfect, but where? To Clauzetto to visit the caves of Pradis! The caves will be cool; it sounds like an excellent idea.

I load up the car, and we’re ready to go. It takes about an hour from Udine. Off we go! But first I set navigator, just in case. This turns out to be a big mistake because the last kilometres it shows are actually steep mountain tracks that would be hard going even for a mule. No navigator on the way back.

We arrive at our destination at lunch time; we are hungry and the first stop is… the restaurant next to the caves. A little self-service restaurant, it has a menu of local dishes listed on a blackboard. We can eat outside, in the woods. So we charge ourselves up (and we have made the right decision because on Saturdays, the caves are only open in the afternoon from 2pm to 6pm) with a stew of  venison and sausage with polenta and 2 cool beers.

After lunch we are loaded up and ready to go. We buy our ticket and then go down into the caves, to admire this wonder! The leave the spectacle to your imagination.

Do not forget to visit the Cave Museum, which stands 100 metres from the cave. For groups there are discounts on the price of the ticket, so spread the word among your friends and go tp visit this wonderful site in company, always with the utmost respect for nature!

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