Cordovado, the ideal place for those who love roses

Roses are the flowers for sentiments and Cordovado is the ideal place for those who love them.

The village located in the province of Pordenone on the border with the Veneto, includes a medieval complex and other fine buildings that make it one of the most beautiful villages in Friuli Venezia Giulia and Italy generally.

The warm rays of the sun burst through between the clouds, and the silence surrounding the place is broken by the bells of the little church of San Girolamo in Castello chiming the hours.

Palazzo Freschi Piccolomini

Inside the fortress stands Palazzo Freschi Piccolomini. The building was constructed in the late 16th century in classic Venetian style, with a central drawing room and other rooms on either side. The green space in front of the villa’s entrance is in the shape of a heart and is bordered with hornbeams. It is called La Cavallerizza, because the driveway that runs along the perimeter was formerly used by the horse-drawn carriages that accompanied guests to the house. We visit some of the rooms with close interest: the space that charms us most is the library, in which one can breathe an air of knowledge and culture.

At the back of the building, the park reveals all its beauty to visitors. Green meadows are dotted with daisies that are growing in abundance in this first flush of spring. Designed by Carlo Sigismondo Freschi in 1820, the large garden is home to maples, Japanese pagoda trees, hornbeams and a beautiful example of a magnolia.

Damask rose

Following the gravel-covered walkways, we arrive at what is the park’s main feature: the labyrinth of damask roses. The rose of Damascus, also known as the Queen of Roses, originated in the Middle East and is cultivated mainly in Bulgaria and Morocco. It is collected by hand in nurseries in the light of the early dawn to extract high-quality essences. Stroking the petals reveals its delicacy while from its heart emerges a fragrance arrives that drugs the senses.

We deliberately lose our way in the maze to contemplate the landscape around us. We would never move from here, if it were not that the warmth of the sun was telling us that it was time to leave this magical place.

The little church of San Girolamo in Castello


The villa is open for visits during the Castelli Aperti event and at weekends in May, when the rose garden is at its most splendid.

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